Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password, what do I do?

This is the most common question we get and we need to encourage you to write your password down on your computer in a Word document or put a sticky not on your computer monitor. 

To reset your password we have a password reset tool on the login page. Click on the link, enter the email address associated with your account (remember that it may be your Paypal email address that you don't use as often) and then check your email and your new password will be there.

If for some reason this does not work please send us a support request to reset your password. 

What do I do if my account is locked?

For security purposes we have your account locked if too many login attempts are made with the wrong information. If this happens to you we will reset the login attempts and send you a new password. Please write down your login information and keep it in a safe place or keep our email in your inbox so you can retrieve it if necessary. Send us a support request for this

What are lead capture pages for?

A lead capture has a couple key benefits. If you send a prospect to a company website there are a couple things that could happen. The best case scenario is that they buy or join. The most common experience however is that they leave your site and come back later to look again but if they Google the name of your product or company are they going to find your site? Most likely not. So you have lost the opportunity convert that prospect or potential customer. 

The lead capture page is designed to make the prospect curious. You "sizzle" them with a video and some well planned marketing copy. Then you offer something if they fill out the form; a book, other bonuses, the ability to watch a video or find out what company or product you are promoting. With this you capture their contact information so now you know who was on your site and can send them an email and/or call them to speak with them. 

In our system the prospect can also be put on an automated auto-responder series. This is a number of emails that are sent automatically to the prospect. You can completely customize the messages that they receive.

Can I use this system for my company?

Our system works with every company. Because we keep it generic you are essentially generating interest with what might be called a "pre-sell" page and then finally leading them to your company/opportunity page. These pages work well for both direct selling, affiliate and network marketing. If you are promoting something we can help get you more sales and build you a list. We have a a number of generic pages that are part of the premiere account.

Do I have to be a computer genius?

We have designed our system to be very user friendly and quite intuitive. There are also video tutorials if you get stuck and you can always contact us for help with any glitches that you experience.

Which membership is right for me?

The basic membership is a good place for many people to start but if you understand the power of the Premiere account and you can see the comparison at this link then you would know that if you don't start with the Premiere account it won't be long before you need to upgrade to get all the potential out of the system.

Will this do everything for me automatically and build my business?

That would be nice and although it automates a lot of things for you and accomplishes things that quite frankly you would never get done it cannot replace the personal touch that a visit or a phone call can make. There are products or services that don't require any person-to-person communication and this will do almost all the work but other business models work best with the personal touch.

How much can I customize the capture pages?

There is one page that you have complete control over. It has a WYSIWYG editor so you can edit text, add pictures, make links and if you understand html or other coding languages you will be able to do a lot more with the system. The system pages have varying levels of customization. You can generally replace the header, footer and submit button images. You can also change the videos with any YouTube video. There are videos that show how to do all of this.

Can I make a custom page just for my team?

Yes you can but each person would have to add it to their system. We offer services in cases like this where we will add a page to the system at your request or even design you a system just for your team or company. In these cases you will be able to brand the back office, change the look and feel of the back office and more. Contact us to get more information about the possibilities. click here

The larger your group the more we can offer.

Why don't you offer phone support?

Our pricing is very competitive and one way to keep our costs down is to manage support requests via email or a ticket system. Some of our technicians don't speak English very well so it is better for them to get an email that they can translate. It is true however that most questions can be answered with the video tutorials that we have all through out the system. 

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